The format allows an optimized data exchange between design and manufacturing.

No delays in the pre production/engineering because of a well aligned data set for printed circuit board manufacturing within ODB++.

Improved quality hence there is no room for misinterpretations in the data set. Data formats like RS274X where various dialects are possible, can cause different results on different CAM systems.

The output of the layout data in ODB++ will reduce the amount of data while extensive filling of surfaces with vectors can be avoided in this format.

ODB++ is a fully expandable ASCII data format with the following advantages:

  • all datas are included in one file.
  • there is a exact description of the graphical data. No unnecessary filling of copper areas or pads with special forms which have to be modified/optimized by the pcb manufacturer.
  • to describe elements attributes may be assigned.
  • it is possible to forward the CAD netlist for usage in the Printed circuit board manufacturing process.
  • the format contains a description for the naming convention and the board built up.
  • ODB++ can handle in the drill and rout layers the information for plated/unplated elements as well as the depth together with the layer connection.
  • notes can be attached to layers or elements like a digital usage of post it.
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